Wednesday, October 31, 2007


To night, it's the bachelor party of my husband and my shower. Tim the best friend of my husband, Nathan, odering a stripper. I'm jalous but I guess it's normal. Everybody think that we married very fast. So, I should to think that this night is my shower and it's Brooke that who organize this party. This party will be so killing. After my work day, I went to see Lucas and I asked him to watch Nathan, while his party. I found Tim with my parfum. He is so stupid, he thank that his the Nathan's parfum. For my shower, Brooke rented a limousine. This night started with the champagne and Brooke had the father credit card. The girls, offered me a renewal wardrobe. Brooke had ordering too a stripper. A stripper wanted to do a striptease but I was not the best in this. After this party, I showed at Nathan, that I learned of stripper.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


This is the beautiful episode. Lucas, Peyton and Brooke throw a wedding reception for Haley and Nathan. The mother of Nathan. Don't forget, the parents of Nathan are in disagreement with the wedding of his son. Dan is still in at hospital and his brother Keith. visited him.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

First episode (Season 2)


In the first episode of the TV program One Tree Hill, at the begining of episode, Dan Scott has a heart attack. The people who hate Dan are sad of this news. Lates, Lucas and Keith come back to Tree Hill. Karen, Brooke and Peyton are so happy that they returned. In this same episode Brooke and Peyton become friends again, because in the last episode of Season 1, Brooke and Peyton broke their friendship for the love of Lucas. But they are friends again.And everybody is happy, especially Lucas.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Lucas scott: Chad Micheal Murray
Nathan Scott: James Lafferty
Peyton Sawyer: Hilarie Burton
Haley James: Bethany Joy Lenz
Brooke Davis: Sophia Bush
Dan Scott: Paul Johansson
Deb Scott: Barbara Alyn Woods
Whitey Durham: Barry Corbin
Keith Scott: Craig Sheffer
Karen Roe: Moira Kelly